Speaker & Presenter

Kaila Colbin, Co Found Boma Global and Curator TedX Christchurch and Scott Base.


"Penny gave a great presentation on Social License to Operate at Grow 2019. It's a critically important topic and we got fantastic audience feedback. We're big fans."

Environment & Effluent Expo 2019

Penny is a great presenter who comes across with great integrity. She is interactive, passionate and engaging. Her knowledge on the topic of Social Licence is incredibly relevant to the primary sector right now.

Women's Enviro Evening 2019

The speakers connected with

you through their knowledge, passion and above all, they talked to you, not at you.

They empowered you through their experiences and their beliefs. You felt inspired to

go out and achieve things on the farm. To take that first step. What you do on your farm does make a difference. You are not alone, there is help out there to achieve your Environmental Goals.

The evening was structured well with inspirational ‘bigger

picture’ scene-setting talks from Penny Clark-Hall.

Australia NZ Institute of
Forestry conference 2019

I was approached by a number of attendees who mentioned how much they enjoyed Penny's presentation.  I also very much enjoyed it and found it exceptionally informative.


This conference was 
exceptionally good. Your talk was a major factor in helping to make it such a great event,"

Dairy Environment Leaders 2019

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