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The Golden Rule

The golden rule to ‘treat those the way they wish to be treated’ is my philosophy behind Social Licence Consulting and my approach to humanising businesses for the betterment of people and planet.

This sage piece of advice most children receive growing up sits at the core of social licence. Your social licence is built from trust and that depends on how you make people feel. "No one remembers what you say but they will remember how you made them feel". At an individual level we get this (whilst we are imperfect and don't always get it right) but at a business level; this often gets lost in translation, with business complexity and competing priorities. So it requires a considered approach and embedding of values and culture etc.

When I set up Social Licence Consulting, I wanted to simplify the dynamics of social licence for everyone and give them the tools to not just get clarity on their business position but also how they fit in the bigger scheme of things and can make a difference. 

Being effective and efficient is important to me and so there had to be tangible outcomes that could be replicated to empower businesses to be self sufficient and not rely on consultants for the long term (not a great business model but it sits well with me and makes me happy to know my clients are getting the best value and feel confident to go it alone if they want to). That's me treating people the way I would wish to be treated. 😊 

If you want to understand the dynamics of social licence and the tools to implement this approach in an effective way, I'd love to hear from you!

Penny Clark-Hall

Founder and CEO


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