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Social Licence Consulting gives your business a Social Licence Health Check (SLHC), analysing business risks, strategy, values and vision, culture, stakeholders and strategic communications; then supporting you to embed mitigation plans into your strategy and work plans.

By taking a social licence lens to your business, you will have the clarity and confidence to set the long-term direction - future-proofing your business beyond regulations and in line with market cycles.

Map a clear pathway forward to improve and align company strategy with stakeholder expectations and values.


Get in line with market cycles and ahead of regulation.


"Penny gave a great presentation on Social Licence to Operate at Grow 2019. It's a critically important topic and we got fantastic audience feedback.

We're big fans."

Kaila Colbin,

Co Found Boma Global and

Curator TedX Christchurch and Scott Base

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