Over the past 14 years Penny has specialised in communications, politics and public relations. Through her extensive Social Licence research and engagement with experts around the world, Penny has narrowed down some core insights into how to earn and maintain Social Licence, which gives her the skill-set to help you better strategise and engage with your stakeholders to earn and maintain your Social Licence to Operate.

When it comes to the food and fibre industry, which is a particular passion of hers.  Penny has worked and engaged across the spectrum from agri businesses, lobbyists, media, farmers to politicians. Being a farmer's daughter and wife, the connection and relevance of the work she does is never lost on her.


Penny helps businesses understand their social licence to operate by empowering them to humanise how they operate and engage with their stakeholders. Through authentic and genuine engagement Penny helps build strong value connections and understanding amongst stakeholder networks.


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