A little bit about Penny

Penny's career started out in the film industry in 2004. With aspirations to become a war correspondent, she became a video journalist for Sky News (based in the Parliamentary Press Gallery) which evolved into a lengthy career in strategic communications.

Penny set up Social Licence Consulting in 2018 to change business culture for the betterment of the economy, people and planet. Social Licence Consulting does this by building inclusive companies focused on the win-win-win for the business itself, the stakeholders affected and the planet.

Over the past 15 years, she has specialised in strategic communications and built a unique toolbox of skills through her experience in public relations, film and television production, video journalism, lobbying and politics. Through Penny's extensive Social Licence research and engagement with experts around the world, she has narrowed down some core insights into how companies and industries can earn and maintain their Social Licence to Operate (SLO). 

By working with Social Licence Consulting your business will be able to strategically address its vulnerabilities, opportunities and stakeholder network to earn and maintain its Social Licence to Operate. 

This is done by first educating and empowering internal stakeholders to view their business and its industry through a humanity lens. Then by building strong value connections and understanding amongst stakeholder networks, business can empower itself to future-proof beyond regulations and in-line with market cycles.

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